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Presenting Hindustani Classical Music in a Traditional Baithak Setting
Hindustani Music
Hindustani Classical Music is traditionally a ‘baithak’ style of music.  In an intimate setting, an artist and the music lovers experience music together and music can reach unexpected heights, often lost in large concert halls.
LearnQuest Academy of Music proposes to continue this tradition of ‘baithaks’ in the New England area.  In recent times, the music lovers had the benefit of such experience when Kaushiki Chakraborty and Anand Bhate performed in baithaks.
LQ Baithak Forum
LearnQuest has formed the “LQ Baithak Forum” with annual membership by individuals, families and institutions. The membership period will run from Jan 1
 to Dec 31
, during which a minimum of 5 baithaks will be held. The membership fee will allow all members to attend the baithaks free of additional charge. Non-
members will pay a higher fee to attend the events based on space availability.
Features & Benefits
To become a member please pay the membership fee for the selected Membership category through the Dues and Ticket purchase tab. If you have any questions please email